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Here are the services we offer at Gulf Coast Clays and current club prices. Please note that recently our ammunition prices have changed.




Round of Skeet or Trap

25 Targets 



Sporting Clays per target



Beginners instruction and safety course – see description below *reservation required

$40 (per 30 minutes spent with an instructor)

Gun Rental



Golf Cart Rental (up to 4 passengers)



Ammo 12 ga, per box*

$9.50-$12.50 $11.50-$15.50

Ammo 20 ga, per box* 

$9-$10 $12-$13

Sub gauge ammo, per box*

28 ga – OUT OF STOCK

410 ga – in stock

$$14 $17

All above prices are subject to sales tax.

*A shooter may buy a maximum of 5 boxes of 12 gauge or 20 gauge ammo per day, or 4 boxes of 28/410 gauge and 1 box of 12/20 gauge per day. Ammo must be bought before you go to shoot and used here at the club.

Beginners instruction and safety course

Beginners instruction and safety course is a lesson with one of our certified instructors. During the lesson, you will learn the safety rules, how to safely handle your shotgun, and shooting discipline main rules (we usually get shooters started on either trap or sporting clays). Once you are comfortable with the shooting and understand all safety and game rules, you will be able to continue on your own. Please note, that we charge not per the number of shooters taking the lesson, but per the amount of time spent with the instructor. It’s $40 per 30 minutes, and usually, for a group of two, we recommend booking for 30 minutes, for a group of 3-4 – for an hour ($80), and so on. Please contact us if you have any questions.


We have eye and ear protection available for everyone.


Consider joining the club. Becoming a member has its perks: you get to save up to 25% on target and ammunition purchases and rentals, enjoy our annual all-inclusive Member Party, be the first ones to receive club news and schedule updates, and more!

Membership Price
Full Annual (Jan 1st – Dec 31st) $250
Seasonal (Nov 1st through April) $220
Couple (annual) $350
Family of four $550
Additional family member $100
New member joining fee $30


Our memberships run based on a calendar year and starting in May we begin offering pro-rated memberships. Please get in touch with us to find out more!