Eye and ear protection are mandatory for all shooters and non-shooters while on the range;

Treat all guns as though they were loaded;

All guns must be in good working condition. Do not use a faulty gun;

Usage of assault-style or home defense style shotguns is prohibited at our club! That includes guns with barrels under 22″, magazine-fed guns, pistol grip guns, and guns without a stock;

Carry guns open and empty until in the shooter’s position and ready to shoot;

Use correct ammunition for your gun. We allow lead shot, shot sizes #7.5, #8, #8.5, and #9. Never load more than 2 shells at a time!

Always point gun barrels down range when loading/loaded. Open and empty after each firing;

Shoot only clays, do not fire at any other objects, live or inanimate;

Do not mix alcohol, drugs, or horseplay with guns.

If it is your first time coming out to shoot with us, you can fill out our Waiver of Liability ahead of time by clicking here – it will save you time at the check-in!